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Policies and Procedures

Chesterfield Elementary supports the district’s library program curriculum and guidelines regarding selection of materials, gifts, MSIP standards, and evaluation. 

Chesterfield Library

The library houses over 13,000 items in print and electronic selections.  The library operates on flexible schedule which means that the library is open to individuals, small groups and classes throughout the day.  The library is open to students from  9:00 a.m. to 3:50 p.m. The library is staffed by a certified full-time librarian and a library assistant.

Checkout Policies

Kindergarten students check out one book once a week.  They have a designated library day chosen by the teacher. They may come to the library more than once a week at the teacher's discretion. Grades 1-5 check out two books and may come to the library at any time on any day. Students may check out more books as needed for reports or research. Books are checked out for two weeks at a time and may be renewed as needed.  Lost or damaged books are paid for according to individual book prices.

Chesterfield Charger Expectations

Students in the library are respectful, considerate, courteous, cooperative, honest, and responsible.  Books are returned or renewed on time, a respectful speaking tone is used in the library, and all students are helpful to others when necessary.

Library Skills Program

Library skills are taught in conjunction with the classroom curriculum. 


PTO sponsors a library committee and library volunteers are scheduled through the Library Services PTO committee chairperson. Volunteers are needed primarily for shelving books.  We circulate over 1,400 books per week so help is always appreciated.